Case studies, presentations, and some UX practitioner resources.

Case Studies

A New-To-World Feature Set Incorporating ML/AI

See how I ran a discovery sprint, created a design strategy, and validated the design of a feature set for a contract intelligence SaaS product that incorporated machine learning to identify and classify the clauses in an organization’s legal agreements.

An Industrial Process Control Mobile App

Three weeks. One copper mine. A data science team. Is it possible to go from a data science-driven idea for monitoring and managing ore extraction and recovery, to a design concept incorporating user needs analysis and validation? Yes it is. (Case study link coming soon.)


Ethical Design: Is It Possible? Invited address to the 2018 User Experience Southeast Asia Conference, Singapore, November 2018. Link

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The UX Unicorn Is Dead: Soft Skills Trump Coding Skills. Invited address to the 2016 User Experience New Zealand conference. Wellington NZ, October 2016. Also delivered at the 2017 CoDE Conference, Singapore. Link

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UX Community Resources

Over the years I’ve put a few Creative Commons (i.e. free) practitioner resources out into the world. Feel free to adopt or adapt any of the items below.

The UX Kit: Hiring A UX Team & Incorporating User-Centered Research & Design Methods Into Your Organization’s Processes. An implementation guideline for growing your UX team.

UX Research Project Planner / Tracker Template v1.0. A tool for documenting a user experience research or usability testing project in an efficient and collaborative manner.

UX Research Daily Recap Template v1.0. A template for quickly communicate research results to team members and stakeholders on a daily basis.